Monday, October 10, 2011

Chapter 9--They Snooze, You Lose_Synopsis

Chapter 9

Tapping to Emotions

According to the author, Dr. Burmark, emotions stick. She mentions that according to Seth-Godin presentations are about "the transfer of emotion". In an example of a research project involving the Save the Children foundation, participant responded better to emotions than they did to hard facts. She presents the case of Dave Carroll's whose guitar was destroyed but not repaid for by United Airlines. Dave tried the traditional methods of writing letters to the company to no avail. His next approach was to come up with a funny song and put a video of it on Youtube in which he expressed his frustration; it worked as United Airlines changed its stance on the issue and paid attention to Dave's demands. The author cites this story to point out that we as presenters need to remember that citing statics and facts is not always the best approach. She then follows by stating the somewhat obvious that children from violent households have more academic difficulties than those without them. She recommends activities in which you as the teacher, encourage students to come up with images that represent emotions; she confesses that for her love was the image of a flower with dewdrops. She finishes her chapter by reminding us the readers that emotions stick and that this should not only be considered when selecting the words used in a presentation but also, or perhaps more importantly, the music and images that we choose, recommending in the process to surround ourselves with positive, healing words so that our audiences can take with them.

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