Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chapter 4--They Snooze, You Lose_Synopsis

Chapter 4

Ringing CHIMES2

This chapters starts off by recognizing that time is limited and the

curriculum to cover is so vast. Dr. Burmark interestingly cites some

authors to point out that if we as educators were to cover all the standards

then we will have to have K-22. In short, the author states that we need to

be efficient and effective as educating presenters. According to her, to be

effective we need to accomplish the following: 1) get our students' attention

and 2) make the presentation stick. These are by no means easy to achieve

in an age where distraction reigns. Humorously she recounts a time where

perhaps she attracted way too much attention by the way she dressed, stating

that the point is to attract not distract. Dr. Burmark then introduces

CHIMES2, as an acronym that stands for Connections, Humor, Images, Music,

Emotion, Story, and Senses. These items, when used appropriately, should help

us to keep our audience's attention. She invites readers to look at these

and analyze where our strengths reside and where we need to improve.

This chapter made me realized that I have some very natural attributes

to be an effective presenter: Humor and Connection (at least that's what I been

told). Yet, when it comes to Emotion or connecting to various Senses, I could

definitely improve.

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